E-Business as an Entrepreneur’s Creativity Strategy

E-Business as an Entrepreneur’s Creativity Strategy
Ketua : Dr. RIZKI ZULFIKAR S.E., M.Si.
Anggota : Suci Rahayu Rahmatillah
Departemen Manajemen, Universitas Komputer Indonesia, Indonesia
Departemen Akuntansi, Universitas Komputer Indonesia, Indonesia
Email : rizki.zulfikar@email.unikom.ac.id, sucirahayura@mahasiswa.unikom.ac.id
Abstract. This paper aims to analyze entrepreneurs who are using E-Business in developing their business creativity strategies. The research method used in this paper is Descriptive Method, which describes and compares social problems based on facts, theories, and accurate reference sources. The results of this paper explain that E-business has an important role in improving the quality and performance of a company. Because E-Business can be used as a strategy in tight competition by maximizing operations and minimizing the company's long-term risks, of course, this needs to be done by entrepreneurs who want to make the company superior and realize a good image in the modern era. E-Business also has real-time information about each of the products that have already offered the data in exchange system, which is very effective and efficient for the consumers or the suppliers who need more information about the product that they want.
Keywords: E-Business, Entrepreneur.
Rabu, 28 Oktober 2020 - 02:21