Developing Application Android Based For Japanese Language Learning

Developing Application Android Based For Japanese Language Learning
Anggota : A Novita
Departemen Teknik Elektro, Universitas Komputer Indonesia, Indonesia
Departemen Sastra Jepang, Universitas Komputer Indonesia, Indonesia
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Abstract. The purpose of this study is to describe the use of Japanese language learning applications and use them in everyday life. The use of technology is very fast, encouraging every individual to use technology in everyday life, including the use of Japanese. Learning Japanese directly has experienced some difficulties, especially in understanding each word and phrase that is used; it needs help to understand Japanese language learning with the help of media applications. The method used in this study is a descriptive approach to analyze the variables used in application development. The application you normally learn requires compaction of materials to make it easier for application users. Using the application to learn Japanese is expected to be able to produce users who can learn to use Japanese in their daily lives. With the presence of the Japanese language learning application based on the Android operating system, it is expected to produce users who learn Japanese wherever and whenever through the application.
Keywords: Application, android, learning.
Selasa, 27 Oktober 2020 - 03:39