Measuring Detection of Signature On Enterprise Computer Network

Measuring Detection of Signature On Enterprise Computer
Departemen of Informatic Engineering
Universitas Komputer Indonesia
Anggota : Irfan Dwiguna Sumitra, S.Kom., M.Kom.
Departemen of Postgraduate of Information System
Universitas Komputer Indonesia


Abstract. The purpose of this study is to measure the comparative success rate methods of
signature-based anomaly based on enterprise computer network attack detected. The application
of information technology in many fields often cause the occurrence of attacks and threats that
lead to data loss, the crippled system, and destruction of the system. To address these threats
required the presence of early detection against any threats that occur at the enterprise computer
network system. Early detection function to minimize and prevent the loss of the more extensive
system. Methods used in the detection of the threat that is signature based and anomaly-based
method. Both methods are used for detection of any threats to the network system, then that
method will be between the two measured how many threats can be detected by both methods,
and measure the level of success detection. The results obtained in this study, Method of
Anomaly Based successfully detect 89.66% attack, while the method Signature based
successfully detected 91.87% attack. If the results of the great early attack detection, then the
security level of the network are also great and can reduce the risk posed by a threat.
Selasa, 27 Oktober 2020 - 04:09