Analysis E-commerce Handicraft of Website-Based

Kamis, 22 Oktober 2020 - 07:04
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1Analysis E-commerce Handicraft of MB
Analysis E-commerce Handicraft of Website-Based
Ketua : Dr. Ir. LIA WARLINA, M.Si.
Anggota : I Habibi
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Abstract. The purpose of this study is to facilitate craftsmen in selling handicraft products and contribute significantly to spur Indonesia's economic growth. This is because this gives an increase in the income of craftsmen in very large areas and increases the production of smallscale people. The research method used is descriptive method, to present a complete picture of relevant situations aimed at collecting data in detail. The results of this study are that the sale and marketing of handicraft products through cyberspace has many advantages, namely broad coverage, no space and time and web-based information can be used to establish cooperative relationships with sub-districts and can increase the potential of craftsmen so that they can improve the economy of work. In addition, it was found that social media facilitates interactive social interactions with internet-based technology that changes the pattern of information dissemination from previously broadcast media monologue one to many audiences to social media dialogue many audiences to many audiences.