Analysis of Entrepreneurial Marketing Canvas on Small-Scale Business

Kamis, 22 Oktober 2020 - 08:41
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1Analysis of Entrepreneurial Marketing Canvas on Small-Scale MB
Analysis of Entrepreneurial Marketing Canvas on Small-Scale Business
Anggota : Danica Elma Edwina
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Abstract— This research aimed to analyze the entrepreneurship and marketing model adopted from the newest model of Entrepreneurial Marketing Canvas (EMC). This marketing model was combination of marketing strategy, financial strategy, and organization. The subject of this research is one of muslim fashion industries in Bandung, West Java, El-Zatta. This research used qualitative method and literature study. The result was expected to analyze the small scale business, El-Zatta, and know the current situation of the business including entrepreneurship, marketing, and organization aspect. Moreover, the analysis of the EMC was based on internal and external analysis (SWOT analysis). Then, The EMC would contribute more effective management to anticipate unpredictable Era and become inside-out market orientation to develop El-Zatta’s specific competency-based on entrepreneurship to serve future demands. Thus, El-Zatta would focus on innovation and ideas development that related to market changes.
Keywords— Entrepreneurial Marketing Canvas (EMC), SWOT Analysis, small scale business