Benefits of Social Media to Improve The Sales Product

Jumat, 23 Oktober 2020 - 06:46
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Benefits of Social Media to Improve The Sales Product
Ketua : Yayah Sutisnawati
Anggota : Respi Silva
Departemen Keuangan dan Perbankan, Universitas Komputer Indonesia, Indonesia
Departemen Manajemen, Universitas Komputer Indonesia, Indonesia1,
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Abstract. The writing of this paper aims to explain the benefits of social media to improve the sales of a product, expand market targets, and share the information faster. This research used a descriptive method to present a complete picture of some situations of the variables under study. The results of this study are to find out how much social media is used to increase product sales and attract consumers to be interested in the products sold. Getting more consumers from social media can increase product sales, so it can be said that social media has helped turn passive buyers into loyal and active customers.
Keywords: Social media, online, sales, marketing.