Designing Enterprise Architecture Using TOGAF Architecture Development Method

Selasa, 27 Oktober 2020 - 02:02
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Designing Enterprise Architecture Using TOGAF Architecture Development Method
Anggota : R A Hermawan*
Department of Information System, Universitas Komputer Indonesia, Indonesia
Department of Magister Information Systems, Universitas Komputer Indonesia, Indonesia
Abstract. The purpose of this research is to developing an existing information system by designing a school data reporting system from the regional coordinator for further processing in the Sub Division of Programs and Reporting at Office of Education, Youth, and Sports of Karawang Regency (Dinas Pendidikan, Pemuda Dan Olahraga Karawang). The method used for designing Enterprise Architecture is the open group architecture framework Architecture Development Method (TOGAF ADM). The steps applied in this design are TOGAF ADM, among other Preparation, Architectural Vision, Business Architecture, Information System Architecture, and Technology Architecture. This research produces a blueprint that will be used to support informed business processes. The output of this stage will produce an enterprise architecture that can later be used by organizations to support business processes and achieve their strategic goals. This study concludes that using the TOGAFADM methodology as a tool used in designing this information system enterprise architecture can produce a design architectural models in general that are in accordance with the organization's vision and mission and can be applied in other organizations that have similarities in business processes. The impact of this research is a solution to the problem of data loss and damage during the reporting process in the form of manual.