Furniture Online Shopping using Augmented Reality

Kamis, 22 Oktober 2020 - 07:09
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"Furniture Online Shopping using Augmented Reality"
Anggota : E P Fadryan
 Department of Electrical Engineering, Universitas Komputer Indonesia, Indonesia,
Department of Management, Universitas Komputer Indonesia, Indonesia
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Abstract. The purpose of this study was to determine the level of effectiveness in buying furniture products online using Augmented Reality. The methods used for this research is a descriptive method which is done by conducting interviews with consumers and making analysis. The results obtained based on research methods used are that the use of Augmented Reality is more effective because the product which is to be purchased can be tried virtually, making it easier for consumers to try a product without coming directly to the shop. So, with the utilization of the technology of Augmented Reality, it can make it easy for every consumer to know and try every product details which are offered by the furniture store.