Influence Of Virtual Money On The Rupiah Currency

Senin, 26 Oktober 2020 - 04:27
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1Influence Of Virtual Money On The Rupiah Currency

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Influence Of Virtual Money On The Rupiah Currency
Departemen Bahasa dan Sastra
Universitas Komputer Indonesia
Anggota : M F K Fadilla
Departemen Ekonomi dan Bisnis
Universitas Komputer Indonesia
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Abstract. The purpose of this study examines this is to find out how much the influence of
virtual money on the rupiah currency. This research was conducted with a descriptive analysis
method. The author takes this topic because he feels that virtual currencies can be a way out of
the economic crisis that is affecting us now. Based on this study, the authors assume that by
using virtual money we can increase the productivity of companies in Indonesia. This is because
when we get virtual money we can exchange it for dollars so that when we exchange it for rupiah,
besides helping to reduce the dollar exchange rate to the rupiah, it can also be used as capital to
increase product performance. The results of this research show that virtual currencies are one
way out of the current economic crisis that our country is suffering from. So this virtual money
is expected to help improve the national economy, employment, community income, and social