Information Technology for Accounting Application

Senin, 26 Oktober 2020 - 06:42
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Information Technology for Accounting Application
Ketua : TATAN TAWAMI S.S., M.Hum
Departemen Sastra Inggris
Universitas Komputer Indonesia
Anggota : Herlianti
Departemen Akuntansi
Universitas Komputer Indonesia
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Abstract. This study aims to determine the importance of accounting with accurate
applications, namely as a tool to determine the policies of business people. The method used in
writing scientific papers was also a descriptive qualitative method using data related to the topic.
the results of this study find that all types of professions and fields which certainly have close
relations with the world of accounting. With this application, we can exercise control or
supervision related to company activities, including by making appropriate decisions from the
application of this accounting. Accounting courses help in separating personal and business
money. Have a clear payment system. From the results of the explanation above, it can be
concluded that this accounting system will be able to assist businesses in determining the
continuity of their business and suggest the application of accounting to help business success
that is on the way because accounting has contributed greatly to advancing the company and
easier by using an accurate application