Information Technology Advertisement for Online Shop

Senin, 26 Oktober 2020 - 06:36
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1Information Technology Advertisement for Online Shop

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Information Technology Advertisement for Online Shop
Departemen Sistem Informasi
Universitas Komputer Indonesia
Anggota : A R R Januar
Departemen Manajemen
Universitas Komputer Indonesia


Abstract. This study aims to further optimizing online shop businesses by using Qualitative
method in the research which resulted in more in-depth understanding in online business. With
the rapid development of technology today, most young entrepreneurs online shop businesses
are still using web media and not many people know. To expand an article and increase
consumers, the online shop young entrepreneurs are looking for ABC social media applications.
Where the target is a celebrity, because the program is more widely known to the youth to look
for items to be searched for and which are discussed, liked or even used by most people at that
time. Instagram is an application that includes a lot of interest with its users. A few people who
have a lot of followers or followers are called celebgram. From these services they benefit by
promoting an online shop so as to facilitate the online shop to get consumers, and can make it
easier for consumers to find an item they want to look for. By just having a contact person and
holding an Instagram account, everything can certainly make the celebrities find it difficult to
handle it, plus the number of online shops who want to work together. Therefore, young
entrepreneurs expand a product article as a business opportunity with media endorse which aims
to facilitate entrepreneurs promoting online shop business to celebrities who want to use their