Trash Click Design Using House of Quality

Senin, 26 Oktober 2020 - 01:58
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Trash Click Design Using House of Quality
Anggota : AP Putra
Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science
Universitas Komputer Indonesia
Abstract. The purpose of this research is to design bags as garbage bags used by mountain
climbers who usually use plastic bags to store their trash. This garbage bag is called click trash.
To ensure that trash clicks as produced trash bags will meet the needs of mountain climbers,
product design is carried out using the concept of Quality Function Deployment in the form of a
matrix shaped house called the House of Quality. This matrix changes the customer's voice
directly to the specifications of the bag produced, from the questionnaire distribution 30
statements were obtained. Of these 30 statements, twelve technical characteristics were
established in response to the needs of climbers which would influence the design of the
specifications of the trash as a garbage bag. The click rubbish design made by referring to the
technical characteristics produced so that the click rubbishes specifications fit the needs of
mountain climbers. The results of the design of this bag are expected to meet the needs of
mountain climbers as a place to transport rubbish during climbing activities because of its
beneficial that easy to use, more practical, can be used repeatedly, and to prevent leaving the
trash in the mountaint.