Web-Based Business Opportunity

Senin, 26 Oktober 2020 - 03:21
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Web-Based Business Opportunity
Ketua : JOHN ADLER S.Si, M.Si
Fakultas Teknik dan Ilmu Komputer
Universitas Komputer Indonesia
Anggota : S C Dewi
Fakultas Ilmu Politik dan Sosia
Universitas Komputer Indonesia

E-mail : john.adler@email.unikom.ac.id

Abstract. This research aims to see how the benefits will be generated by being a user in webbased
opportunity (Youtube). This research used qualitative approache and descriptive method
with analytical techniques as well as literature studies to explain the advantages from becoming
a youtuber. The results of this study is becoming a YouTuber will gain a lot of advantages such
as adsense payments, sponsorship, brand ambassadors and also corporate collaboration. A
thousand of suscribers and viewers will gain opportunities from a company that interested in
collaborating and adsense come. This research is expected to motivate millenials to see the
business opportunies that can be gained by being a youtuber.