Website – Based on Vehicle Traffic Monitoring System

Senin, 26 Oktober 2020 - 03:49
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1Website – Based on Vehicle Traffic Monitoring System

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Website – Based on Vehicle Traffic Monitoring System
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Abstract. This research was conducted to provide suggestions how to monitor the road traffic
conditions by using data sent from cameras installed at each intersection. Literature study,
observation, system design and system testing used as a method in this research. With this
method we can make an accurate information system regarding traffic monitoring. The results
of this study is to obtained the data such as general conditions of the road, the number of vehicles
passing, the average speed of the vehicle, the travel time of the vehicle, the position of congestion
and the time of congestion. The creation of a monitoring system is very important because it can
provide information about the road conditions clearly. From the current problems, the authors
want to make a "Website-Based Vehicle Traffic Monitoring System" which later the system
becomes information for road users and the police to monitor traffic.